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If you are working with an adoption agency in Tampa and need to find a reliable team for the home study, you can call on us. For years, we have assisted prospective parents with guidance and information. While it’s easy to go online and get answers to questions you have about adopting a child, one of the problems is that you may not know where to go for reliable information. For example, you go to a blog site that tells you that you will need five reference letters for the home study. These reference letters can only include one entry from a family member.

This information is true. However, one of the problems is that it is also incomplete. Another stipulation of this requirement is that if you’ve worked with children in the past five years, whether you were a teacher, medical professional or anything else, one of those letters must be from the employer at that job. That rule may not be an issue for most people but it’s good to know if that is a profession you’ve worked in. Our information gives you all the details and conditions you need to be aware of to ensure that there is no confusion and that you are prepared for your home study.

Connecting Hearts will work with your adoption agency in Tampa to provide excellent service, a professional home study and other assistance that we can provide you. If you are new to this experience and you need someone to answer questions, provide you reliable information or something else, you can count on us to help. We encourage you to download and print our checklist and research the information available to ensure that you are ready to start gathering the information that is needed for the home study. Call or message us via the site if you have any other questions.

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