Florida Adoption Home Study

One of the things we instruct people to do as they prepare for a Florida adoption home study is to make sure they give themselves time. There is so much work to be done; tons of documents, finding the right people to assist you and more. You want everything to be ready on your end when you get started; otherwise it can make the process go even slower. One of the most helpful things an agency can help you with for your Florida home study adoption prep work is to answer any questions you may have. For starters, do you know how many reference letters you need? The answer is 5 but you need to make sure that you have 1 from a family member and 4 from non-family members. That’s important and if you have worked with children in the past 5 years one of those letters must be from your employer. Another requirement that surprises people is the background checks. It makes sense that you would need to get a background check but did you know that everyone over the age of 12 who lives in the house needs to as well?

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services can help you prepare for your Florida adoption home study by showing you exactly what you are going to need. There’s a lot of information you must gather and a lot of rules you have to follow. Knowing what you need is a big help in having a successful Florida home study adoption experience. However, you also want to make sure that as you are getting everything ready you also give yourself enough time. Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea with something this important. That’s why if you are ready to get started you should check out the Welcome Instructions/ Get Started Checklist and see exactly what you need.

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Florida Adoption Home Study

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