Adoption Services

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Adoption Services

Adopting a child is similar to planting a seed to see it bloom into a flower one day. Adoption services provided by Connecting Hearts has been successfully involved in placing children in different homes and has been part of countless adoption journeys to date.

With every adoption, comes an apprehension regarding the process, duration, fees and birth parents. Through seamless adoption services, Connecting Hearts helps to remove all adoption anxiety by guiding the adoptive parents during the process and acquainting them with all the ups and downs that may be encountered

If you are considering adoption services in Florida, Connecting Hearts is the agency to consult with! A full-fledged team of advisors and social workers who have successfully tended to and placed children for adoption in many families for more than two decades. They are the recipient of the Human Rights Campaign’s Seal of Recognition and have been associated with the Florida Adoption Council, the National Association of Social Workers and Central Florida’s Better Business Bureau. As part of their process, they acquaint all adoptive families regarding the various legal and personal details and requirements. They conduct a thorough home study of parents and gather information regarding financials, culture, emotional, medical, immediate and extended family details, tax returns, etc.

Every adoption is different and Connecting Hearts just ensures that you get to join the dots without wasting your time and effort. Whether you are a same-sex couple of single parents, married or of legible age, you can consider adopting a child in the state of Florida.

Know everything about adoption services in Florida at the click of a button!

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