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Finding reliable adoption services in Florida is very important. As you begin the process of adopting you are going to have a lot of questions and you want someone who can answer with facts, not just opinion. Unfortunately, every year thousands of families looking to adopt go into their home study unprepared because they were unaware of what they needed. That’s not something you want to experience which is why you need an agency that will make sure you are ready for your study and know exactly what you need to prepare. For example, you’re aware that you need to provide financial documents but did you know that includes all insurance coverage as well? What about medical reports? This one surprises many when they are reading the list but you must have your physician fill out a form for anyone 18 years old or older who lives in the house. You obviously need an employer to confirm employment verification but what do you do if you own your own business? These are all questions that you need real answers to.

One thing we can tell you as you look for Florida adoption services is to make sure that you are getting facts. There are so many places online to go for information but the truth is only a few of them are really credible. If you are using a site that doesn’t have accurate information, then it’s going to be your issue, not theirs. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you are using a reliable source, whether they are the agency you hire or not. We have spent decades working in this field and one of our goals as an agency was to create a platform that families throughout Florida can rely on for credible details as they begin the journey to adopt a child.

A great example that always comes up is when someone needs to know where they can acquire certain documentation or who needs to fill it out? For example, you understand that you need to prove your employment but what happens if you are self-employed? Then you need your accountant to fill out the paperwork for that portion to make sure that it is done correctly. What about reference letters? That seems pretty straight forward. You need five, one from a family member and four from non-family members. However, did you know that if you’ve worked with children in the past five years then one of the letters must be from your employer?

Getting the facts about Florida adoption services is important because there are so many areas you can miss something or make a mistake. Our clients have a clear understanding of exactly what they need and how to get it because they can rely on us to help them get the answers.

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services will provide you with the professional guidance you need to have a successful home study. Our experience in the field along with an understanding of what it takes to become a qualified applicant has helped hundreds of families in Florida accomplish their dream of welcoming a child into their home. Remember, when you are in need of professional adoption services you want someone who is experienced and ready to help you get started. That’s why before we even begin; we guide you to a Welcome Instructions/ Get Started Checklist to ensure that you know exactly what will be needed. This checklist has helped many to prepare for the process and get a head start on what they need.

It is important to cultivate a relationship based on trust and goodwill to ensure that every adoption process goes smoothly. As a service adoption professional, we help you with every detail based on what you need, how to go about the entire process, documentation and getting all facts right.

Every year millions of people make an effort to adopt a child and all they face is unpreparedness to handle the entire process. You may know that financial records are absolutely important to be disclosed, however, you may not know that insurance coverage is a must too. You need medical records, as part of the adoption services; however, you also need a physician to fill out a form for anyone above 18 years old or older living in the house.

A service adoption requires every detail to be covered in writing before proceeding to adopt a child. Without sufficient knowledge and the right agency to help you with this process, you may end up moving in circles. Connecting Hearts Adoption provides you with comprehensive professional guidance you need to have a successful home study.

Making a difference to a million lives, one day at a time!When you are ready to get started or if you have any questions feel free to give us a call.

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Florida Adoption Services

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