Coping with the Holidays

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Coping with the Holidays

Christmas is here. Literally. I am typing this on December 23, 2015. For so many the holidays are a time for family, friends and giving. However, the holidays are not necessarily festive for everyone. So many struggle this time of year. Waiting to become parents through adoption is difficult. And waiting through the holidays can be excruciating. Many of our clients have spent years attempting to become pregnant with many disappointments along the way.

Christmas involves weeks of preparation, gifts, activities and traditions (many of which are deeply rooted in family). This is yet another season when adoptive parents-to-be will likely be getting together with loved ones and asked what is going on with their adoption journey. These holidays are often particularly difficult for those waiting to adopt because they occur near the end of a calendar year, reminding the prospective parents that they still do not have a child.
There are several ways that parents-to-be may choose to deal with the holidays:
— Go on a vacation (get out of dodge!) or plan a stay-cation.
— Create a new tradition.
— Attend or host adult-only events and celebrations.
— Volunteer for a local establishment that benefits the elderly, homeless or disabled.
— Check in with your adoption support group.
— Take up a new hobby that gets you out of the house (and away from social media).
— Date your partner.
— Set time limits when you do attend celebrations. Having a “deadline” and an exit strategy makes the time you are present more bearable.
Reaching out to others and letting them know that you are having a hard time is not unreasonable. They will understand if you don’t want to attend the block party or go caroling with the neighborhood kids. I have said many times that the most important person to take care of is always yourself. Do not forget that. Ever!

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