Domestic Adoption Home Study Florida

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services can help you prepare for your adoption home study in Florida.
Putting together a domestic adoption home study in Florida takes time and patience. There are several things you have to put together and the better prepared you are, the easier things will move a long for you. We take pride in the fact that you have chosen us to assist you with your home study and we will work hard to make sure you are as prepared and ready for the home meeting as possible. Once you have filled out the initial application we will be ready to assist you with the next steps and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Before contacting us you will have a Welcome Instructions/Get Started Checklist which will simplify things for you. The checklist shows what you will need to have prepared. Because you are in Florida there may be some different requirements. For example, if you have children you will need to have a pediatrician report for every child in your immediate family. Everyone above the age of 12 must have a criminal background check done and at least 5 reference letters are encouraged.

Helpful Tip: Getting organized is going to help you during this process. Find out what documents you need, what information is going to help you and what you will be asked to provide. This includes things like your financial documents, income statements, health reports, family history, references and more. What you do not want to do is wait until the documents are needed to find out you do not have something. Get a list early on so you can have everything in order.

When you are ready to begin your Domestic Adoption Home Study there are several things you will need. We have put together the checklist to simplify the process for you and if you have any questions you can feel free to contact us today.

Domestic Adoption Home Study Florida

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