Florida Home Study Agency

Finding a Florida home study agency is a not something you want to take lightly. A good agency is going to help you get prepared for your home study and make sure that the process goes smoothly. When you are trying to adopt, you need to make sure that you have all the help you can get. However, you also want to make sure that the help you get is experienced in the adoption process. The reason is because there are a lot of rules, documents and procedures that have to be followed in order for the adoption process to happen. If you want this process to be successful you need to hire a team that is going to help you along the way. If this is your first time adopting then you may be amazed at just how much information is required and how much work needs to be done prior to the home study even taking place.

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services will help guide you through the process and show you exactly what you need to have in order to have a successful home study. If you have any questions you can rely on your leading Florida home study agency for quick and helpful answers. Some of the common questions we are asked surround the reference letters and financial documents. Who should you ask to write a reference letter? Which documents do you need to gather for the financial form and family budget? Who verifies your employment if you own your own business or work from home? Questions like these can cause hours of headache if you are not sure what you need. That’s why we encourage anyone who visits our site to check out the Welcome Instructions/Get Started Checklist so that you can know exactly what you need and get started. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Florida Home Study Agency

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