Florida Home Study Process

As you prepare for the Florida home study process you want to make sure that you have the assistance and guidance of an experienced agency. As we only focus on the studies, we are able to help you with getting it done faster, speeding up the adoption process and helping you save time.

Getting Ready

Preparing for the home study is not difficult. It just requires organization and time. The people who have problems are the ones who wait until the last minute. There are so many things you have to collect and get ready for that it’s important you give yourself as much time as possible. Here are a few things that seem to slow people down the most:

  • Medical Reports: Every child and adult living in the home must have a doctor fill out the necessary reports.
  • Reference Letters: You need 5 letters completed, 1 family member and 4 non-family members. There is a format they want the letters to be done and if you have prior experience working with children, one of the letters must be done by your employer at that time.
  • Financial Documents: This will include life insurance, bank statements, and proof of employment. If you are self-employed then you will need your accountant to fill out the information for proof of employment.
  • Background Checks: Anyone 12 years old or older who lives in the home needs to have a background check done. The process is very simple but you need to make sure you give yourself time to have it done.

The Florida home study process may seem like it takes a while and in some cases it does, but that doesn’t mean you have time to wait. The fact is that the entire journey of adopting a child is going to move by quickly, especially when you consider everything that you have to do. There are literally hundreds of documents and pieces of paper you need to collect and not all of them are going to be from you. Some will be from family members, friends, your accountant, your doctors, local government and more to prove that you are physically, emotionally and financially ready to support a child and extend your family.

A great place to start as an example is the reference letters. There have been several times where aspiring parents found the information about these letters, got five written up, only one being from a family member. While that is the right way to have it done, the mistake was made in not knowing all the details. For example, one of those letters needs to be from your employer if you’ve worked with children in the past five years. Details like these may not seem important but they can be huge when you go for your house visit.

As you learn more about the Florida home study process, make sure that you keep great notes and stay organized. You are going to have plenty of questions and things to keep track of and we are here to help you get answers. You can download and print our checklist as you get started to keep track of everything you need and to ensure that you are well prepared for when it comes time for your house visit. We are happy to assist you with anything you need to make this a successful and rewarding journey.

At Connecting Hearts Adoption Services, we focus on eliminating the questions and help you prepare for the Florida home study process. You can find all the information you need including forms and checklists on our site. Have a look and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Florida Home Study Process

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