Florida Home Study

A Florida Home Study requires a lot of work. Adopting a child in Florida is not something you can do quickly. Forms must be completed and turned in with the study for your best chance of success. Unfortunately, first time adopters are always surprised when they see the amount of work they have to do. Remember, it is not meant to deter you, it is meant to show you the best interest of the child is the most important part of the entire process and it is well worth it. At Connection Hearts Adoption Services we are ready to assist you.

When you visit our site you are encouraged to checkout our Welcome Instructions/Get Started Checklist which includes reference letters, a self study, financial form, health insurance and guardianship appointee, criminal background checks for anyone 12 years old or older in the home and more. That is certainly a lot of paperwork to put together and being prepared is going to make things go a lot smoother. A great start is the reference letters. You are required to get 5 total including 4 from non-family members and 1 from a family member. They must be sent via email or postal mail.

Helpful Tip: When picking references you want people who will not only speak well about you but are easy to reach and will return necessary paperwork quickly as well. If you have a good relationship with your employer they are often a great reference because it shows you are well liked at your job as well. Family members are also a great choice, not just because they speak well of you, but because the child will become a part of your entire family. Therefore, family members who are passionate about helping you adopt is just proof that the child will be welcomed into a large, carrying and loving family.

When you are ready to do your Florida Home Study you can find helpful information on our site that will show you all the documentation you need, application forms and more. Please give us a call if you are ready to begin or if you have any questions.

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Florida Home Study

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