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The thing to remember when getting ready for your Gainesville adoption home study is that you cannot rush things. You are given a huge amount of time but it actually goes faster than you think. First time adopting parents always make the mistake of thinking they have plenty of time to get to work on the list of things they need to gather. Then they come to the realization that a large portion of that list is things that are out of their hands and they need to rely on other people to provide them. Another issue that comes up is knowing who you need to get information for and from.

An example of this is the criminal background checks. You know that you and your spouse have to get one but did you know that everyone above the age of 11 who lives in your home needs to get one as well? Did you also know that it can take some time to get them, depending on where you live, so waiting until the last minute is not advisable? Time is your friend and your enemy when you are adopting a child. If you take it for granted you will be rushed and that’s not something you want to do, especially with such an important journey as this.

We take the pressure and anxiety out of the Gainesville adoption home study process by making it very easy to get prepared and organized. Before you even message us or anyone else, take a look at our checklist to get started. That’s where you will find a list of everything you need, every document as well as details about those documents to make it easy and simple. Once you have done that, or if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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