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What are some of the most commonly asked questions of home study providers? They usually come down to three areas including cost, what to expect and how much time is available. We always encourage you to contact us if you have any questions rather than relying on speculation you find online. This gives us an opportunity to make sure that you fully understand everything that is needed and know what to expect. For example, when it comes to the reference letters, do you know what you will need to have them done correctly?

This is where a lot of speculation has led to mistakes being made. Everywhere you go online to read about reference letters it will say that you need to have five when you are adopting a child in Florida. It will also say that only one can be from a family member and the rest of them need to be from non-family members. This information is accurate but what isn’t included is that you need to make sure that one of those letters is from an employer if you have worked with children in the past five years. This is why you cannot overlook things, you have to get all the facts and know exactly what you need to be prepared.

It’s not challenging to find home study providers in Florida. However, it’s important to note that you need more than just a provider, you need someone who is going to help you prepare, someone who has the experience needed to properly advise you on what to do.

Preparing For The Home Study

The study is the first part of the adoption process and in many ways, the most important. This is where you gather and submit the documents for review that will help determine if you are a good fit for the child you are looking to adopt. There are so many things that need to be done and it’s important to remember that you do not want to rush any of it. Give yourself time to get organized and it will make the entire process run a lot smoother. Here are a few things you need to gather as you get ready:

  • Financial Documents: Everything including your bank statements, employment verification, life insurance policies and more will be reviewed. This is important because your ability to support a family needs to be taken into account before you are given a child. It’s not that you need to be wealthy in order to adopt. The goal is to ensure that the child will be well provided for which is why they want to see your financial documents.
  • Background Checks: This will include reference letters, criminal background checks and more. The goal is to make sure that you cover every area to ensure there are no delays. Everyone 12 years old or older who live in the house are subject to checks.

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services is here to simplify the home study process for you and your family. If you are ready to begin or have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

As one of the top home study providers in the State of Florida, our goal is to provide all aspiring parents, a reliable platform to ask questions and get facts about the process so that they are well prepared. We are proud to have helped hundreds of families, some not even our own clients, by providing a clearer understanding of this entire process, what’s needed, where to get certain documentation from and what to expect from the house visit. Our experience in the field, along with the fact that we have worked with so many families, allows us to know how to put someone who is new to the adoption process, on the right path to success.

Throughout the entire process, you are going to have questions. There are going to be things you may not be aware of or questions that may come up. One of the top ones has to do with where or who fills out certain documents? This is a common one because you understand what you need, but you are not sure where to get it filed out to make it official. Your accountant for example, is responsible for most financial documents because they are certified and responsible for this type of work. Knowing where to go and what to get eliminates a lot of the confusion first-time parents usually have.

When looking for new home study providers, be sure to keep us in mind for reliable information and support. Our team is here to provide guidance throughout the adoption process and to ensure that you get the facts for whatever information you need. Have a question? You will find the answer on our site and if you do not, or are still unclear about something.

What makes us one of the best home study providers in the state of Florida is the support we offer our clients throughout the adoption process. When you are adopting a child there are going to be a lot of questions. You cannot leave a single question up to speculation. You need facts; real answers and you need them as quickly as possible. We eliminate fact from fiction and make sure you are getting the details to have the best chance of success. As you browse our site you will see helpful tools that are completely free including the checklist and more. Use these tools throughout the process and be sure to call us if you have any questions.

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