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You are preparing for your Jacksonville adoption home study and you are researching what information you need to collect. However, you have some questions because each document comes with different requirements or circumstances. For example, you see that you need to get five reference letters but you need them from four non-family members and one needs to be from your employer if you’ve been employed in the past five years with any place that works with children. You also need to verify your employment through your employer and if you are self-employed you need to have the documents filled out by your accountant.

Gathering and collecting all this information will feel tedious. The biggest mistake first time adopting parents make is that they look at the workload and think they have plenty of time. While it’s true you cannot rush the entire process, it does go by faster than you think. You do not want to limit your time because you procrastinated. Remember, the paperwork you need to do might be quick and simple, but when you have to rely on people for financial documents, criminal background checks and medical reports, it can take a while to gather all that information because you are waiting on them.

Giving yourself time to prepare for your Jacksonville adoption home study is the best piece of advice you can give to people new to the process. If you feel overwhelmed just remember that you always have support from the agency you are working with and that the home visitation is a very simple and easy thing. We make it easy to get started with our checklist of information that you can begin collecting so that you know exactly what you need as required by the state of Florida. If you are ready to begin then feel free to message us today.

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