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The main thing to look for with South Florida adoption services is whether or not you are getting the best guidance and information. There are so many sites that offer blogs and details about this process, but is that information accurate and current? Are you getting real advice as you start the process of adopting a child or is it just basic information? What’s the difference? The best example has to do with the reference letters that are needed for the home study. These reference letters are usually one of the easier things for the prospective parents to collect because they are asking friends and family to write them.

That’s also where a common mistake is made. Only one of the five reference letters can be from a family member and it’s smart to have an employer write one. In fact, if you’ve worked with children of any age in the past five years, you need to have one of those letters submitted from your employer at that time. These are the little details that we may not notice or may not be shown on sites that offer basic information. However, they are important, and you need to be aware of them when you start researching adoption.
Connecting Hearts South Florida adoption services give you the information needed to begin the journey of adopting a child. Our experience can be a real benefit to you as you look for answers for preparing for your home study. We have helped hundreds of families learn what is needed, how to prepare and what to expect. Let us help you and your family prepare for this wonderful moment. You can start with downloading the home study packet filled with information of what you need to collect. If you have any further questions, give us a call today.

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