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Some of the most frequently asked questions about the Tampa adoption home study have to do more with collecting the information than the process itself. When aspiring adoptive parents look at the checklist of things they need to collect prior to the visit, they feel overwhelmed and even confused as to whom, what and where they need to gather the information from. It’s understandable but our best advice is to not worry, give yourself time and understand that you have a great support group who are available to help you throughout the entire process so that you have a successful experience.

One example of an area of confusion is the reference letters. Remember, who fills these out is looked at just as carefully as what they say. You are allowed to have one family member and four non-family members fill them out for a total of five letters. Your employer is always recommended and also required if you have worked with children in the past five years. You also need to make sure that the others you choose are going to be solid endorsements of you and your family. The more reliable the source of the information, the better you look when you submit everything for approval.

If there is any way we can make your Tampa adoption home study go smoother we are happy to assist you. We have helped hundreds of families throughout the state of Florida prepare for their home visit with our checklist, blogs and other tools. The best advice you will receive from us, other agencies and people who have had successful adopting experiences is to stay organized and give yourself time. You do not want to rush, you do not want to lose track of what you need done. Stay organized, know who you need to get information from and you will not have anything to worry about.

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