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Connecting Hearts Adoption Services is a licensed agency in the State of Florida.
Our main focus is your domestic adoption home study.
We know the home study can be an overwhelming experience for an adoptive family, but it doesn’t have to be!
Connecting hearts. Building families. It’s what we do!

So, what is a home study?
The home study is the foundation and first step in any adoption.  It is the process by
which you become eligible to adopt and is a legal requirement. Regardless of
where you live or where you plan to adopt, you’ll need to complete a home study!

Why choose us?
We have been serving Florida’s prospective adoptive families since 2008.
Our client families select our service because we are experienced and professional
while also making this personal.   We do our best to make this process simple.
We want our families to be successful.

Because the adoption home study is our specialty and all we do, unlike a “full service” agency,
your home study is our ONLY focus. We are able to complete most studies in less than 30 days.
If you have an urgent situation, let us know. We can finish your study sooner if need be!

Please call us at 407-733-8642 or email us at info@connectingheartsadoption.com with any questions you may have while navigating your home study!

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Who We Are

Amy Imber

Executive Director

Amy has worked in the adoption field for 20 years. She has been honored to be a small part of countless adoption journeys and has time and time again seen how powerful and amazing adoption can be. To Amy, it is an honor to be a small part in this intimate time in the life of a family.

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“Amy made the daunting thoughts of the home study disappear with her continued communication via phone or email. When she steps in your house you automatically feel a sense of relief. It was as if we had invited a friend over to chat.”Jenn & Gary, Haines City, Florida
“I found Connecting Hearts to be professional and yet very personal at the same time. I am proud to say that Amy and Connecting Hearts will always be a part of our family’s story.”Holly, Apopka, Florida
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